Product Designer - North Yorkshire


Deardens is the website of product designer, Nick Dearden. Deardens designs and develops products appropriate to the market that its clients are selling to, drawing on more than 25 years of experience in the international design market.

Dearden wanted a cool, slick and simple website that, stood out and showcased his services in product design and branding. The client wanted to be able to easily offer new services and also stated that he required blog integration, videos and testimonials.

The new site design met all of the clients requirements. The functionality allows Dearden to add a portfolio, with the option to add new products to the site. Clients interested in product design, are now easily able to read about Deardens design services and philosophy in that area, then click through and read a related portfolio item. In addition a blog was integrated and the website features a series of social media links, allowing visitors to follow the website’s RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages.