Gallery Virtual Tours

360° interactive virtual tours provide a unique means of exploring and discovering museums online. By taking 360° panoramas of museum rooms and galleries, a virtual tour of the entire museum can be created which links together the panoramas. Hotspots can be added so that users can interact; by clicking on a hotspot of a museum item, a user can be shown various sources of information about that piece of art.

This information could include:
● A close up image of the exhibit
● Text description
● An audio file viewers could listen to
● A video viewers could watch
● A useful or interesting document viewers could download

360fusion have developed specialist software that can enable a highly interactive museum virtual tour to be built which uses many different types of media to engage and inform visitors about the museum or gallery. This software can also be used to navigate around the museum using a 3D map. This could be an interactive way to find out where you are and see what exhibits are close by.

Check out an art gallery virtual tour 360fusion created for Artsbank, a privately funded art gallery located in Saltburn-by-the-Sea.