Hotel Virtual Tours

360° Online Tours of Hotels, Apartments, Cottages & Holiday Homes

Creating a hospitality virtual tour allows customers to view accommodation online from the comfort of their own homes when making their all-important booking and travel research. By have a virtual tour which is constantly accessible, the customer can judge the quality of a hotel, B&B or holiday home as well as assess, view and interact with its rooms and facilities. A hotel virtual tour makes the accommodation viewable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By having a hotel virtual tour on a corporate website, the brand is displaying that it uses the latest digital technology not only to increase online visits, but to extend the time a user spends browsing your website. In the online market a hotel will have a greater chance of success if its website can engage visitors for longer periods of time.

Advantages of Hospitality & Accommodation Virtual Tours

● You are pushing the website to work to its full potential, by making content rich & engaging
● Higher conversion rates will see an increase of online bookings & reservations
● To compete in the online hospitality market, brands must embrace fast moving web & digital trends. Investing in a high quality virtual tour will give a competitive edge over hotels that don't promote their accommodation with 360° visual content
● You can leave a lasting brand image & build customer loyalty by providing valuable, trustworthy web content & useful information to travel shoppers