School Virtual Tours

360° Online Panoramic Tours of Schools, Colleges & Universities

360fusion produce unique virtual tours that can help turn your university, college or school turn into a real success. An education website needs to attract a number of audiences predominantly students, but also parents, teachers, staff and alumni to engage your audience in a new way. Implementing a virtual tour on your schools website allows prospective students all over the world to gain a real insight into your school facilities ie. viewing impressive lecture theatres, science labs, football pitch or swimming pool, thus including your individual school culture in full screen detail 24/7.

Engage Parents & Students

A virtual tour gives your school a distinct advantage over competitors, allowing students to virtually tour every area of the school building as if they were actually there. This can only assist you in attracting more students. A virtual tour can aid students in interacting and engaging with your brand and also spending an extending time viewing your website.


● With a virtual tour, students won't just view your school, they will experience it, possibly selling it in an instant as the first place students will research which school or university is the best place to study is the web
● Starting somewhere new can be daunting, especially if its in an unfamiliar city/country. By viewing what the environment will look like prior, students can get more relaxed & excited about starting somewhere new
● A virtual tour is great for attracting international students, as more students choose to study abroad
● A virtual tour will encourage visitors to spend a longer time viewing a website
● Your website will keep up with multimedia technology & stand out over rival competitors

View an example of an education virtual tour 360fusion produced for an international client. A virtual tour was created for the prestigious Wellington College in Tianjin, China. To make everyday and open day at your school, please contact 360fusion now.