360fusion use a CMS called Contao (formally known as TYPOlight). Contao is an open source CMS for people who want a professional internet presence that is easy to maintain. The structure of the system offers high security andtl_files/Project_Images/logo-trans.png easily allows our clients to develop effective and search engine friendly websites that are also accessible for people with disabilities. Contao includes easy management of user rights, a Live Update Service and a modern CSS framework. 360fusion use the CMS to write modules and built in templates for our clients. These ready made templates allow our clients to edit pages and add content to their website. Modules include features such as news, calenders, forms, newsletters, events, FAQs ect.

About Contao

360fusion create a dedicated login for each client that needs to administrate their website. The admin will become a 'User' of the CMS and they will be given their own username and password. The CMS will allow users to login to the back end of the website with various access rights, so access for an editor could allow them to only update the news section. A more senior admin could be set up to edit website pages, news items and more complex sections of the website. To create content, the client must log into the back end of Contao which, when logged in, will look similiar to this:


In the left hand column, the first tab displays 'Content'. This is where a client will be able edit their different modules specific to their website. Below will explain what each module is used for:

  • Articles: Articles are containers for content elements. Each article is associated with a particular page and a layout. This is basically where the client can edit what goes on their web pages.  
  • News: The news/blog extension allows the client to manage news or blog posts and display them in the front end. Unlike articles that are associated with a particular page, news items are organised in news archives.
  • Events: The calender extension allows the client to manage events and display them in a calender or event list on the website. 
  • Social Media: This section allows the client to manage which social media they want to integrate into their website. 
  • FAQ: In the FAQ module clients can create a catalog of frequetly asked questions to display on the website. 
  • Newsletters: The newsletter extension allows the client to manage and send newsletters and optionally display them on the website. 
  • Form Generator: The built-in form generator can be used to create interactive forms that are send via email or stored in the Contao database. The client can create forms such as a contact form, a free report form, a quotation form ect. 
  • Catalog: This module allows the client to define and manage catalogs of items. For example, a client make want to list customer testimonials or a staff list. They may have many testimonials, but all share certain attributes, like name, gender, job title, business ect. With this module, 360fusion can create the fields the client will need to fill in to display their testimonials or staff list ect.
  • Comments: The comments section allows the client to manage website comments or guestbook entries, this is useful as all comments to the website should be monitored.
  • Galleries: This module manages pictures in galleries.

Please note the backend of every website will look different, just as the front end of every website does. The backend gets customised on a per client basis to suit the needs and features of each particular website. 

Using Contao

Using Contao will become very easy to use and all our clients become familier with the software in a short space of time. Please view the video below to learn how to add a new page and image to your website: 

Additonally check out the 360fusion Tutorial's YouTube Channel where you will find more videos talking you through Contao.