Duffy Pedersen Chartered Accountants

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Duffy Pedersen Chartered Accountants was established in 1997 by Gillian Duffy and Carolyn Pedersen. The company has clients throughout the UK but the majority are based in North Yorkshire, the Tees Valley and Hartlepool and are in a wide range of sectors including: personal service companies, manufacturing, service businesses, retailers, personal tax clients, portfolios, medical consultants and other professionals.

Duffy Pedersen approached us having being happy with 360fusion's design for their orignal site seven years ago. They wanted their site refreshing with an up to date design to match current web trends. Duffy Pedersen also wanted to clearly outline what services they offer their clients and allow people to easily obtain contact details. The website was also made to allow Duffy Pedersen to manage and update at anytime, meaning they could sumbit news articals and testimonials keeping the website fresh with new content.

Our designer worked hard to refresh and redeisgn the website using the colour pallet, logo and branding the client supplied. The website was made responsive for tablet and mobile which means it will automatically scale down to enable optimal vieweing for these users.