IVF Systems - Netherlands


Created to substantially enhance the clinical effectiveness of IVF treatments and stem cell procedures, Vitrosafe has created a self-contained and controlled laboratory solution in order to deliver stable environmental conditions throughout IVF and stem cell procedures. They developed this process with partners Walkers Saftey Cabinets and the Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust.

360fusion were required to travel to the Medisch Centrum Kinderwens, Netherlands, in order to create the 360° virtual tour. Vitrosafe wanted showcase their facilities online as well as at conferences attended by medical delegates, promoting the manufacturing and sales of their state of art system for conducting IVF procedures.

The virtual tour showcases the VitroSafe System and a series of cabinets which are linked together by incubators to enable IVF procedures to be conducted in a completely enclosed and environmentally controlled system. The virtual tour is also designed to take a viewer around the process in a step by step guide.