Expedia Virtual Tour


Virtual Tours for Hotels, B&B's and Guest Houses

360fusion are a service provider for Expedia. 360fusion can provide virtual tours for hotels & supply them to Expedia on the hotels behalf, so they appear on the Expedia website. Adding panoramas to your hotels Expedia profile, can give potential clients the chance to have a good look around the hotel and encourage them to make a booking. The virtual tour can easily be shown to friends, family and work colleagues to encourage effective word of mouth for the hotel.

360fusion can create high quality panoramas of any room or facility in a hotel, including:

● Bedrooms
● Suites
● Function rooms
● Gym
● Swimming pool
● Bars
● Restaurants
● Conference facilities or a board room
● Reception area
● Grounds & gardens

360fusion can also provide virtual tours for the hotels website using the same images taken for the Expedia virtual tours. We can offer a number of different packages including virtual tours with a map or floor plan of the hotel or room layouts.