Virtual Tours


What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is a 360° simulation of an existing location composed of a sequence of images. A virtual tour is made up of a number of photographs shot from a single vantage point. The images are then stitched together to create a 360° panorama, basically an unbroken view of a room, building or location.

360fusion create basic virtual tours to showcase rooms or facilities or fully interactive, bespoke tours which are educational and informative. Check out the types of different tours we can offer:

Single 360° Panorama
Single panoramas can easily be embedded into a web page and are a great way to show off one or two rooms. These are ideal for any business wanting to showcase their workspace. Ie. an estate agent trying to sell an office space.

Virtual tour with thumbnail navigation
A virtual tour with thumbnails is a great way to show a number of rooms that do not need to be linked together. The thumbnail images allow the viewer to see a small image of that particular room then select the one they want to view with ease.

Virtual tour with list navigation
A 360 virtual tour with a list is a great way to show a number of individual rooms that don't necessarily link together. The text buttons allow you to select the room you want to view. Rooms can be linked via hot spots if adjacent.

Virtual tour with map or floor plan navigation
A virtual tour with a map gives a viewer a better spacial awareness of the building they are navigating around. The compass point even depicts the direction the viewer is looking. The viewer can navigate by clicking on hotspots within the window to be taken from room to room.

Virtual tour with media types included
Hotspots within the tour can have media incorporated to make the tours more interactive and educational. Overview texts can be added, along with videos, audio, a gallery of photos, documents and also web links relating to that hotspot. Ie. 360fusion could embed a YouTube video into the virtual tour which can be placed over a television screen to give the illusion the television is playing.