What is a Virtual Walkthrough?

Allow prospective clients to take a virtual walkthrough your premises or venue

Using a series of panoramic images and advanced technology, virtual tours provide a convenient and realistic walkthrough of a location from any computer with internet access. Businesses can now enable clients and potential customers to take a virtual walkthrough their facility or venue. Virtual tours immerse the viewer in the space giving them almost the same experience as if they were actually standing in the room.

360fusion add an extra dimension to virtual tours as we can develop bespoke virtual floor plans to give a viewer a sense of spatial awareness while navigating from room to room. As an interactive extra we can also offer clients the choice to add automatic audio when navigating around a room. Using a golf course virtual tour as an example; the tour would automatically pan to specific points of a panorama on the course with audio playing over the top. For example, the tour could pan to a bunker on a hole and talk about how to avoid this hazard and tips to get out of a bunker. Audio could be used to give golfers general information about certain holes on a course including what par it is and how many yards the hole is.

Audio can be added to absolutely any virtual walkthrough including other media types such as; overview text, videos, a gallery of photos, documents or even weblinks.