Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a virtual tour?

To book a virtual tour with 360fusion please contact us and arrange a time and a place. In addition you could arrange a meeting to come into the office and have a talk through your virtual tour needs and objectives. We can also give you a full virtual tour quote before hand so you know exactly what service you will be receiving from us! As some jobs will vary depending on size, conditions and location, we may need to visit you before hand to go through some details more thoroughly.


How long does a virtual tour take?

Once you have booked a virtual tour our photographer will visit you. It will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour do one or two single panoramas. An interactive tour will generally take between 1 and 2 hours for 4 - 10 rooms. This includes time to draw a floor plan.

It will then take a few days for our development team to stitch the images together and build the 360° virtual tour. The 360fusion design and development team will also put together the map and interface of the tour during this time.

Once post production is complete, the virtual tour can be online within just a few days of the photographs being taken.


What preparation should I do before the shoot?

Your venue or location should look exactly how you want it to look to your audience! You should make sure your venue is tidy and with minimal people around to ensure the shots are taken as quickly and as efficiently as possible. If you are having a virtual tour shot of your house or a property your are selling, you may want to de-clutter and depersonalise it.


How do I pay?

Arrangements for payment will be made at the time of booking.


My virtual tour is outdoors, what about the weather?

For a high quality virtual tour, the weather needs to be just right and if not our photographer would not shoot your venue or location. If the weather proved to be too cold, whereby rain or wind would make it hard to photograph or on the other hand, too hot, whereby humidity would steam up a camera lens, we could not photograph that day. However if weather conditions are not favourable on the day of the shoot, we will contact a client on the morning and reschedule.


How is a 360° virtual tour made?

To create a virtual tour, a room or location is photographed using a digital camera on a tripod. The camera is rotated 60° after each shot which will produce 6 horizontal images which cover a 360° area. An up and down shot can also be taken to create a full spherical 360° by 360° virtual tour.

These images will then be stitched together to create one big panoramic image. This image will then be made into a 360° virtual tour using 360fusion's sophisticated software. The viewing window only covers a part of the image and the larger panoramic image can be moved around behind the window to create the illusion of motion. In hind sight the viewer is viewing a small section of a large panoramic image.


Why can't I see the QuickTime VR's?

To view the QTVR's you will need to have the Quicktime player installed. If you have a QuickTime player and it doesn't work you may need a more recent player. Please download it from here. Follow the instructions to install and you will be able to view the movie.

If you can't install QuickTime because you are at work and on a network you may need to contact your IT department and arrange for a recent player to be installed. If you are on a public computer contact the network administrator.


Are the tours only for use on websites?

No. Your can have a fully interactive tour made to be viewed on a CDROM. 360fusion can provide business card size CDROMs that can be given out as promotional material as well as the standard size CDROM.


What format will my virtual tour be in?

At 360fusion our virtual tours are currently operated using HTML, this ensures the majority of Internet users will be able to access the virtual tour. We also make the virtual tour available on CD-ROM format if needed.


How much does a virtual tour cost?

This really depends on the type of project you require. As you would expect the more panoramas you require in the tour the higher the price will be. Let us know your budget, ideas, objectives and requirements and we can put together a competitive quote.


What areas do you cover? Can you shoot virtual tours internationally?

We can shoot a virtual tour of any location in the world. Previously our work has taken us globally to China, France and also the Netherlands.